Zoëga creates moveable everyday jewellery pieces, designed to empower and treasure the important and strong moments of life.

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What started it all was Italy. 

There, in the midst of traditional goldsmith techniques, 

an expression and a thought was born. 

Many of the pieces are made with the use of ancient 

cuttlebone casting. It is a process using the natural textures of 

the cuttlefish to cast incredible and unique structure reminiscing the feel of ocean waves flowing along the coastline. 


I believe in making long lasting products, that you can carry with you thought out your life.



zoega is registered under the danish institute for precious metal manufacturers - with the stamp "zoe". This is your guarantee that the metals are correct alloys. All pieces are made in .925 silver, 8 kt gold or 14 kt. gold. All metals are reused and melted again for a sustainable practise. All gemstones are natural and not heat- or color treated.  


Custom Designs / Questions

Feel free to contact me for any special orders, including wedding bands.

If you have any comments on my work I'll be happy to hear from you at