Care for your jewellery

Metals are sensitive to their surroundings, 

so taking good care of them will make them shine bright for longer.

Avoid all water, soap, chemicals and beds when 

wearing silver or gold plated jewellery. 
Clean with a soft cloth and an old toothbrush and soap

for stones and their settings. 


In the entire production we try our best to 

be environment-friendly. The jewellery industry is among the most 

polluting in the world, and the process to change has just begun. 

We constantly learn and change our rutines take care of the earth. 

All our gold is reused gold, and we use as few chemicals as possible 

in production. Our stones are natural and uncolored.



If something happens to your jewellery send an email explaining the damage and some pictures. There is a 2 year warranty on all Zoëga pieces, and usually repairing is the preferred first option in order to be as sustainable as possible.